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> Squonk,
> >Private rights bother me.
> >Excellence may be conveyed by a master, and in this sense one must
> dissolve
> >the individual. If we are dominated by Quality, then private rights become
> a
> >matter of illusion?
> >I find Rorty can go no where near any of this?
> You're quite right about the dissolution of the self. By decentering the
> self, Rorty effectively dissolves the self. The self is nothing more than
> a set of beliefs and desires you now happen to contingently hold and, as
> ironist, being able to be led by the excellence of a master, lets you see
> that you could just as easily have another set of beliefs and desires. The
> goal is to have the most excellent combination.
> The private right towards self-perfection is just such a contingent belief.
> But it would seem to be a good one if you follow the liberal tradition in
> Western democracies. It allows us to follow our masters towards excellence
> without the imposing of such "self" centered beliefs on others. The goal
> is a balance between the public minimization of cruelty towards others and
> the private drive towards self-perfection. This gulf between the public
> and the private is a practical distinction, one that Rorty hopes will do
> both realms justice (one I hope to elaborate more fully to Platt shortly in
> the Irrationality thread). The goal is to allow Quality to appear fully to
> each person without that perceived Quality infringing on other people's
> perception.
> I hope that makes some sense. But this is a very good question. This one,
> along with Platt's critique of solidarity, cuts to the quick of Rorty's
> most vulnerable position: his public/private distinction.
> Matt

Thanks Matt,
I have a feeling Rorty may have more in common with Pirsig than Rorty himself
realises? And this may in no small measure be due to Pirsig as teacher?

All the best,

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