RE: MD food for thought (the nate and rog show)

From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 03:57:48 BST

>Rog to Nate and Erin
>I'm sure not all indigenous peoples live in harmony with their surroundings.
>It would be a gross generalization to say all indigenous people do.
>Jared Diamond has a chapter called *The Golden Age That Never Was* in his
>book "The 3rd Chimpanzee". In it he highlights one HG society after another
>that hunted their land to the extinction of large prey. He also gives
>details on numerous HG and Agricultural societies that drove the land to
>absolute annihilation (taking the society down with it). However, he goes on
>to state that he thinks that the majority of destructive practices occur with
>cultures that newly colonize an environment. If they are there long enough
>(meaning the society and environment both survive it), they eventually tend
>to reach a sustainable equilibrium.
>>Please support the assertion that indigenous people have a clearer idea
>about how
>>to manage the forest and/or are less clouded by fragmentation.
>They live and interact from within their invironment. Their knowledge of
>their surroundings is not based on information on a piece of paper or
>external studies; it is recieved directly (or as directly as one can get) by
>interaction. They are closer to the reality of their surroundings by living
>as a part of it, whereas a government forest management is only partially in
>contact with the forest, they are an external factor in it. Data recorded
>about reality is much farther from reality; it is more fragmented. This, to
>me, is blatantly obvious.
>I would agree that this would lead to certain types of knowledge and
>understanding. However, there are strong arguments that could be made for
>the scientific method. If MY forest was dieing I would go to an ecologist
>before I went to a local hunter gatherer. Better yet, why not go to a
>scientifically trained indigenous person?
>Do I sense a condescending tone?
>I am bad. Very very bad.
>PS -- I agree their are innate differences between the ways men and women
>think. Together we get the total package.
>PPS -- Does the recent Its 7:10 email prove that Erin is indeed a woman?

I put that info because you said there was nothing about hemispheres and
hunting but there is---the spatial advantage in males is often argued as a
result from being hunters. It was really just a sidenote not essential to your
and Nate's discussion

yes, that 7:10 email proved that I am a very careless woman.
It was suppossed to be sent to a different place. There was suppossed to be an
exciting story told at 7 (but from somebody living in a different time zone).
I just sent that as a joke that 7pm should mean MY 7pm.
Sorry MOQers, I know that's not the first time I made that mistake.
We have enough posts I don't mean to add to the load.

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