RE: MD it's 7:10

From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 21:16:43 BST

No, no. My post was a deep philosophical statement made after reading that
Scientific article not a silly mistake. That's it that's the ticket.
Seriously it was a mistake (this post also proves I am a woman because I can
admit when I made a mistake--ha ha ha).
I just copied that article or series of articles. I would like to discuss
don't have time now-got to go to work.
But I can see why you though my post was about the foreward.
Everybody it's an intro that starts out asking what time is it? and keeps
making reference to the time
'confident we will always know it is 7:03 PM..It is roughly 7:04 PM... It is
already 7:06PM. Somewhere it is 7:07 PM.
It is now 7:08 PM. Synchronize your watches.

Actually after reading that I thought my post was pretty synchronistic to it (
I heard the Twilight Zone music playing).

It is now 4:11. Synchronize your watches,

>Hm exusez moi Erin and MOQ'ers , I saw a hidden puzzle/message in your post
>but got to be a product of my own imagination again. It just resembled the
>foreword of the latest special edition of Scientific American, sorry
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>>Subject: MD it's 7:10
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>>do you know where your children or BoB is at?
>>The Easter Time Zone is waiting
>>erin, who thinks everybody is on her time because she is the
>>center of the universe
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