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Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 06:09:49 BST


A few comments from a newbie..

I agree, this is intriging and I think you've summed
it up nicely. There is the objective Lila there with
him, the one that was born and will eventually die,
and then there is the (metaphorical?) Lila - the
static pattern of value that always has been and
always will be and has happend to latch itself to
(into? on? with?) the other. Seems that way to me,

I wonder about the point of recognition of this (for
Phaedrus). He seems to make the association of the
pattern to the objective Lila after a feeling of
familiarity (inkling of familiar patterns?)and a flood
of clouded memories associated with that feeling. So,
at the point of first association these certain
patterns of value "possess" (probably the wrong term)
Lila, but at the same time you could say they also
possess Phaedrus - he "carries" them with him and he
knows them when he sees them and he might see them
anywhere (within anyone), right? So do the patterns
really exist (in association with Lila) prior to the
point of his recognition? I think so, but I'm not
sure. It gives me a headache if i think about it too

He also says she has been watching him...

Anyway, it seems back up your claim that he has been
watching "biological patterns defused throughout the
Human gene pool" and that they aren't exclusively
found in Lila.


thanks a bunch,

--- wrote:
> To everyone,
> In Lila, Phaedrus says he has been watching Lila for
> a long time.
> This has intrigued me; i feel Phaedrus has indeed
> been watching Biological
> patterns that are defused throughout Human gene
> pool.
> These patterns are not exclusively found in Lila?
> This disrupts the subject/object imposition by
> replacing them with static
> patterns of quality.
> Thoughts?
> All the best,
> Squonk.

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