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Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 14:28:36 BST

on 9/23/02 11:57 AM, Platt Holden brought forth the following from the

> Social and intellectual static patterns are subject to influence by DQ,
> but static inorganic and biological patterns are no longer in flux, i.e.,
> they are universally fixed by nature. Man can tinker with DNA and
> create unnatural life forms, not as a result of DQ, but of amoral intellect
> run amok. Nanotechnology threatens the physical make up of the
> universe, but if as a result we all disappear into a black hole it won't be
> DQ's fault.

I think it's still up in the air whether there are universal, fixed laws of
nature or not. Certainly, there are many scientists and philosophers who
believe otherwise. Furthermore, I would think that DQ is a little more
sovereign than that.

Another point about this that bothers me: if inorganic and biological static
patterns of value are "fixed by nature" does that mean they are in some
sense "out there?" That makes me feel like we're getting a little too close
to SOM territory.

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