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Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 18:29:36 BST


Intriguing subject. IMO quality is value, and value implies a goal. The Author is completely dumbfounded by Lila, and she sees him as a blowhard. She wanted to get back to Rigel, conventional logic and morality, to care for her. The Author was upset by Rigel. If I get lost in what I am doing, I can bo back to what I knew previously to keep me safe.

At the end the Author uses an Idol (Revelation) to show how each one, Lila, the Author, Rigel got what they wanted, and what it was. Purpose can be as obscure as the dharmakaya light! But it is always achieved, and always to be watched.


  To everyone,
  In Lila, Phaedrus says he has been watching Lila for a long time.
  This has intrigued me; i feel Phaedrus has indeed been watching Biological patterns that are defused throughout Human gene pool.
  These patterns are not exclusively found in Lila?

  This disrupts the subject/object imposition by replacing them with static patterns of quality.

  All the best,

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