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> Squonk,
> Intriguing subject. IMO quality is value, and value implies a goal. The
> Author is completely dumbfounded by Lila, and she sees him as a blowhard.
> She wanted to get back to Rigel, conventional logic and morality, to care
> for her. The Author was upset by Rigel. If I get lost in what I am doing,
> I can bo back to what I knew previously to keep me safe.
> At the end the Author uses an Idol (Revelation) to show how each one, Lila,
> the Author, Rigel got what they wanted, and what it was. Purpose can be as
> obscure as the dharmakaya light! But it is always achieved, and always to
> be watched.
> joe

Thanks Joe,
Lila does indeed appear to be an allegory through the static levels, and i am
fascinated by the dissolution of patterns throughout each level?
The subject/object split is destroyed throughout the allegory?
We are afloat upon a sea of patterning?

All the best,

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