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Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 19:50:07 BST

Hi Matt the E, Scott:

Sorry for the lack of punctuation in the dictionary. Here's another try:

aesthetic axis - an arrangement of writers and thinkers by their beliefs
ahistoric - generic
ahistorical - universal
causally - caused by
context - circumstances
contextualize - to describe the circumstances
contingent - dependent on particular circumstances
cultural context - beliefs of a group
dialectical - logical
distaste - don't like
diversity - differences
essentialism - the doctrine that things have generic essences, like
final vocabulary - one's ideas that are immune to change
historicist - one who reveals particular circumstances
historicized - particular circumstances are revealed
incorrigibility - stubbornness
intersubjective - agreement among a group as opposed to objectivity
ironic - recognition that one's beliefs are contingent
ironist - one who points out the contingency of one's position
mediate - compromise
narrative - story
nominalist - one who holds that the map is not the territory
poeticized - said in non-literal, unfamiliar way
poetized - to say differently
pragmatism - true if useful
pragmatist - one who believes truth is determined by usefulness
recontextualization - rewritten
recontextualize - rewrite
self-creation - the reinvention of oneself
sensitive - empathic
solidarity - agreement without appeal to universal truths
text - words, writing
vocabulary - words, word use


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