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Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 22:31:58 BST

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> Also, only about 65% of all registered voters actually vote (this is not an
> exact number, I only remember roughly where the statistic lies). That's
> somewhere around 50% of all persons of voting age. Not only are most
> American voters voting against who scares them the most, a large portion of
> the remaining population is simply apathetic (or spiteful even).

But we also have the right NOT to vote, unlike some superficially democratic
countries which might force their entire population to mark a ballot with one
candidate's name on it to say he received a 100% vote. I wouldn't want to
have to choose between two candidates who were both hard-line supporters of
Israel (Gore more than Bush) and supporters of the death penalty (Bush more
than Gore). Voting for a third party would be a waste of a vote. If it's
Bush and Gore again in 2004 (which seems plausible given Al Gore's recent
speeches against Bush's pre-emptive strike policy), you can bet I won't go
near a voting booth.


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