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> PS: I heavily doubt the intellectual content of democracy, isn't it a social
> pattern?

Hi there,
The notion that equality exists is an intellectual imposition upon social
If we agree quality motivates the generation of static patterns, then it may
follow there is potentially no such thing as equality in social patterns?
(I feel so sure there is going to be a huge attack from the democrats i am
heaping on the, 'Maybes' and 'potentials'!)
This would appear to suggest that there should be a natural aristocracy of
some description?
Sadly, Bush and son, 'Purveyors of death and consumerism' are very far from
the aristocracy i envision. I must also haste to underline that i feel the UK
aristocracy is very far from the quality i envision!
I do not like the UK aristocracy, but it can be reassuring to see how they
can, without doing anything, instil a sense of, 'What ought to be' from a
social perspective, even if that which, 'ought to be' is a shimmering mirage
in a desert of social quality.

The US democracy assumes a philosophical position?
This position is says humans are Newtonian substances being bounced all over
the place in a Newtonian universe. Inside humans is a spiritual substance
observable to each person as a self reflective individual. Religious
tolerance follows as religion is a matter for the individual, and the
protection of personal possessions becomes paramount.
All this creates an inappropriately narcissistic tone which i, and i feel
many others throughout the world find more than a little disgusting.
Rule by the best does not imply rule by those who have the most possessions?

All the best,

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