Re: MD Bush Babies

Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 23:00:48 BST


You misquoted me; I never made the comment deploring the 65% voting rates, it
was someone else. I argued against that comment, pointing out that it is
every citizen's right not to vote. And I actually gave credit to Bush for
what his "Axis of Evil" speech ostensibly accomplished, I was only making fun
of his 3rd grade mentality in crafting the phrase "Axis of Evil." Isn't that
a sort of essentialization? There has to be a more intelligent way to view
other nations than going through the list and marking "good" or "evil" for
each one. If you read Davor's post in response to mine, you will see that he
destroyed my claim that Bush's speech pushed N. Korea towards
democratization. And I didn't understand the following comment regarding my
reluctance to support a hard-line Israel-backing candidate: "Most of America
is apparently way too moral to support terrorist thugs with or without Nobel
Peace Prizes." Please explain that to me.

As a sidenote, if you think Al Gore's "I invented the Internet" statement was
bad, listen to Bush's response: "If Al Gore invented the Internet, then how
come every Internet address starts with 'W'? Not one 'W,' but three 'W's!'
You can like Bush or not, you can admire his forthrightness and his simple
messages ("I'm a uniter, not a divider"), you can agree with his foreign
policy and dedication to homeland security, but you can't tell me the man's


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