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>> If that nanotech device just murders us survives is it still inferior What
>> if a virus destroys humanity? How then, do you define what is higher or
>> lower. Who sets the standard. Not us if we are not here.
>Will there be anything if we are not here? Arguably the thorniest
>question in philosophy. (Does a tree falling in a forest make a sound if
>there's no one to hear it?). Some quantum physicists tell us there's
>nothing until it is observed. Philosophers like Richard Rorty tell us
>there's nothing until some group says so. Pirsig tells us reality is
>Quality, a force for Good that exists whether we're here or not.
>So I think Pirsig's answer to your question, "Who sets the standard?"
>would be "Quality." If we were to get wiped out, presumably Quality
>would begin again to create the moral levels as it did before. Static
>patterns can be destroyed, but not DQ.
>I side with Pirsig. Where do you come down?

In your arguments against Rorty I've noticed you constantly
set up your opinion as Pirsigs.
NEWSFLASH-you do not speak on his behalf.
I think Sam has a good idea in exploring the ideas put
in the Unofficial Rorty dictionary thread. I
have immensely enjoyed that thread also.
You and Matt are doing a really good job at exploring
these ideas.
While doing this can you please stop putting yourself
as the voice of Pirsig though.
Every time you make claims e.g. about your absolutist, must be
these stages etc can you put page numbers because I think
a lot of these assumptions you pull out of your rear end.

Lila's Child (not going copy word to word so refer to it yourself-not enough
time right now)
#16 denies MOQ's purpose is to provide a single right answer
#83 The problem here isthe term 'absolute'....
He says its a poor term for its connotation......
Dynamic Quality is not dominated by context but it is not
separate from it.
#101 In MOQ "brute facts" are also subjective.
(kind of like Platt's 'facts' about Pirsig)
 another one I couldn't find Pirsig explicitly denies
every saying that you couldn't skip stages.
This in my opinion really undermines your argument
about these absolute stages.


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