Re: MD moral clarity!?

Date: Sun Sep 29 2002 - 14:31:10 BST

In a message dated 9/29/02 10:33:25 AM GMT Daylight Time, writes:

> Please could you refrain from making unhelpful and pointless comments such
> as this. If
> you can't make a constructive criticism about someone else's posts then say
> nothing.
> That goes for you and everyone else as well. Please remember to observe the
> rules of
> the forum as they seems to have been forgotten lately.
> Horse

Hi Horse,
No comment is entirely unhelpful, as my comments give an insight to my
patterns of value.
Indeed, the pattern which suggests there is a, 'me' to which comments may be
attributed is problematic?
Therefore, i cannot be held to account for anything that is said?

Or can i?

Well, i apologise for my low quality posts and shall attempt to increase
value next time.

Here's a helpful and poignant suggestion for you:
How about removing links to Wilber that appear in the org?
We could trade off?
I will refrain from low quality posts if the org refrain's from advertising
low quality links?
Now, if you suggest to me that one is free to suggest links as long as they
are quality, perhaps you could show me the quality of Wilber links, as i find
their presence to be exceptionally unhelpful and pointless?
I can however bombard the org with quality links by the dozen, and i assume
you may feel obligated to include every one of them?

All the best,

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