Re: MD Bush Babies

Date: Sun Sep 29 2002 - 15:19:33 BST

Hi Davor,
> PACO: I would argue that this is an inherent STRENGTH
of democracy. It
> allows minorities with CONVICTION to overcome
apathetic majorities.
> Davor: It all depends on who is the minority doesn't
it? What you call
> strength i call a weakness because if the minority
with conviction overcomes
> desinterested majority, it might be that this
minority has so much power
> that there is no chance left for the majority to
choose accept for the
> choices that are enforced by a little group whose
only interest is self
> interest and power? And that is exactly what is the
case right now!

You are criticizing Democracy vs an ideal. Fair
enough, but you must also compare it to alternatives
available. There are thus two questions,
1) is it good enough (answer NO) and
2) is it better than the alternatives? (answer ?)
>From here, you can make progress by keeping the best
available and building upon it or modifying it.

> Davor: What, this is rubbish, I'm sorry should we
let GWB and consorts
> shoot for moral clarity? And what is moral clarity
anyway? Do you trust a
> government which in the past over and over again has
proofed itself to be in
> no way able to distinguish between self-interest,
power trips, economic
> advantages and sincere responsibility and morality
and evolution towards
> harmony and respect and dignity and...and..and, do

Again, are you familiar with better political models?
The constitution recognized everything you are railing
on, and was written acknowledging that their task was
to optimize results within this difficult environment.
PLEASE read the Federalist Papers. It will help you
get your hands around the trade-offs.

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