RE: MD moral clarity!?

From: Erin Noonan (
Date: Sun Sep 29 2002 - 16:20:16 BST

Okay Pacobell (you said anything),
I will change the "stupid" argument to Bush has low intellectual
value. Does that appease you?
You can wonder all you want about his intelligence
but if it looks like a monkey, acts like a monkey, and
sounds like a monkey, call me a gambler but
I am going to call it a monkey.
I will stop using the word 'stupid' but you will
not shame me into saying he may be intelligent.
Pirsig wrote a book about whether a certain individual had quality.
The characters are constantly categorized to whether they
had intellectual quality.
Can we only do that with book characters not a person
who is leading one of the most powerful nations in the

Lila for president!


>To the gang,
>The argument has always been that the BUSH IS STUPID
>position says a heck of a lot more about those that
>write it than about the intended target. I REPEAT, I
>know nothing of the man's intelligence, I don't
>especially respect many of the decisions he has made,
>but the HE IS AN EVIL STUPID DICK level of
>argumentation is way, way below the expected level of
>discourse from this or any other forum. It is simply
>childish. Could we try to take it up a notch? Squonk?

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