Re: MD Analysis of Q-intellect

Date: Sun Sep 29 2002 - 17:09:04 BST

Hi Marco:
It was clear from the beginning that PACO and ROG are
the same person. By
the way, Paco is his dog, if I remember well. Just I
don't know who is

LOL. I knew you would remember my pup, but I am still
not sure whether the DeGallo translates. It is a silly
play on words of a salsa dip for flavoring chips and
various other foods. In English, it is pico de gallo.
Hence, I am paco de gallo -- the spicy dog!

I no longer want to be known as R O G (and have asked
Horse to remove that name from the members bios.

Ro...Oops, I mean Paco

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