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on 9/29/02 1:04 PM, Platt Holden brought forth the following from the

> "Phaedrus finally abandoned this classic-romantic split as a choice for a
> primary division of the Metaphysics of Quality. The division he finally
> settled on was one he didn't really choose in any deliberative way. It
> was more as if it chose him."
> When someone "abandons" something and "settles on" something
> else, it's because, in MOQ terms, it's better. That makes what was
> abandoned for something better less true, less right.

It was better for him, in his situation, trying to build a systematized

The classic/romantic split is still a good one, though. And it's still
useful in many ways, including the context of ZMM. I'd say it still has a
lot of use in the MoQ, even if it's not the primary division.
static/Dynamic is a more metaphysical distinction, it's true. I'd say that
the classic/romantic split is still useful as a way of looking at people's
perspectives on Quality (epistemological distinction, perhaps?)

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