RE: MD MORAL TURPITUDE -- The creepy conclusion

Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 00:32:14 BST

DMB says:
The other four of the nine you listed are the
Emancipation Proclaimation,
Women's rights, Civil Rights, and Collective
Bargaining. Claiming that
Conservatives have adopted women's rights, civil rights
and union rights is
a stretch at best. The Republicans are still fighting
against these causes
in countless ways, subtley and otherwise. I'll give you
the proclaimation.

I agree that they are fighting against what THEY
perceive as overexpansion. I disagree with many of
their oppositions, but not all. As for your other
criticisms, I again -- OH NO DON'T SAY IT -- actually
agree with many of your allegations of abuses (talk
about creepy). I of course also have a list of
grievances against the other team too.

Smooch smooch LOVE FEST!

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