Re: MD Conservatism/ MoQ interpretation of

Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 13:26:11 BST

Hi Sam,

Exceptionally well written piece to explain one wing of
the current political process. This one is a "keeper".

I strongly agree that it is focused on supporting ideas
or "institutions that have stood the test of time."

I also agree that Conservatism as you explained can
also be considered an "intellectual level ideology, and
not necessarily any more or less intelligent than the
alternatives." It incorporates an element also seen in
the scientific method -- namely testing, or grounding
out, ideas to verify that they work.


PS -- I believe another essential element in British
and US Conservatism is distrust of human nature -- the
belief that power can and will be abused and therefore
must be offset by competing forces or interests.

PPS -- How about an equally brilliant piece on the
values and influences of Liberalism?

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