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Date: Sat Sep 19 1998 - 19:14:04 BST

What's Good all?

I just got back from San Francisco and caught up on the last 100 postings.

Pretty cool hearing from the Big Kahuna!

Please allow me to share some static cake recipes I found in my recent
travels. All you need is a sharp butter knife and some California beach sand.
Let's call it Betty Crocker MOQ.

TWO LAYER GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE: Divide sand into physical and non-physical
levels ( Use invisible, conceptual sand for the upper level). Bake at 350
degrees for 200 years.

FOUR LAYER PIRSIG POUND CAKE: Divide sand into 4 levels -- Start with the
inorganic crust, add the moist and creamy biological and social layers, and
cover with a healthy topping of intellectual sand. Mmmmm mmmmm Good! One of
my personal favorites.

EIGHT TIER WEDDING CAKE: First, coat cooking pan with a light layer of
"quantum pam" sand, then add an inorganic base level. Cook at several trillion
degrees and allow to cool for 10-12 billion years.Then add a frothy coating
of DNA sand and build up to the tasty biological level. Top with a mixed
fruit medley of ecological, social, and intellectual sand. If any sand is left
(a big if), add a meringue of of unknown classification sand to the top.
Finish off with bride and groom figurines.

Magnus and Glove---
 I believe each of these (eaten separately), constitutes a non-contradictory
meal. Although the 4 layer cake is indeed beautiful and simple, it isn't
necessarily the best cake for every occasion. For example, the wedding cake
could help clarify more levels and how dynamic interactions within and between
layers emerge into static patterns.

Its "fruit medley" leads to different assumptions than that levels interact
primarily with levels directly above or below, and that they can't recognize
levels higher than themselves. These are assumptions right?

 After much scepticism, I concede your point that there may be some "frosting"
sand that emerges out of patterns of intellect. A higher level that emerges
due to the dynamic interactions as more static intellectual patterns interact
and communicate. I don't see that they are necessarily limited to AI, but
this could be one of the critical factors contributing to its emergence. We
need to make room in our model for new emergent meta-patterns.

Now, before you start pointing out the absurdity of these recipes, let me do
it for you. These are all just ghosts. They are all maps. They are all
recipes--not the food!
The critical element is that a dynamical system of values results in higher
level emergent patterns. How we label and sort the patterns is a matter of
convenience and utility. The four sorts Pirsig provides work quite well. But I
believe the higher intellectual truth he was expressing was the concept of how
levels emerge into patterns from the chaos of lower levels. Patterns of value
building upon each other and emerging from the surrounding noise in ways that
are completely dynamic. The labels and sorts are completely secondary to the
meta-pattern that he describes. ( and YES...this is only a recipe too).

Happy eating, and BE GOOD.

Roger Parker

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