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From: Troy Becker (
Date: Mon Sep 21 1998 - 05:15:09 BST

On Sun, 20 Sep 1998, drose wrote:

> The four levels leave out, for want of a better term, spirit. I know I'm
> treading deep water here - but, hey, the worst I can be is wrong. If all can be
> contained within the 4 levels, then why are we compelled (?) to seek Quality?
> There is no reason I can think of why we should even be interested in the
> question of Q's existence. It is not necessary.
> I prepare to duck even as I hit the SEND button.

you're okay. i had some thoughts on this that might interest you.
clearly, the 4 levels of patterns are describing static quality, though it
is only the "latching" half of Quality. Dynamic Quality pushes for that
continual "migration of static values". Pirsig described five level
shifts in Lila, up the scale of value patterns, and lastly,
static-dynamic. this shift is what i thought of as "spiritual". it is an
awareness shift where static value leaps forward to a static level more
toward "the top". spirit, as soul, is the overmind of our bodies like
Quality is the overmind of "it all". so, it might make sense to refer to
our spirits as mostly dynamic, which might be why "capturing our
souls/spirits" seems so futile.

by the way, taking risks like pressing the SEND button, i would describe
as dynamic action--that is, an action that participates in Dynamic
Quality. any additional or counter-thoughts?

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