Re: MD TV screens and glass houses

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Wed Sep 23 1998 - 18:24:55 BST

Hi Jonathan and LS:

Jonathan wrote:

> I know that someone is going to tell me that the camera lies outside the
> recursive pattern, but I would answer that for us to "step outside" and
> transcend intellect is mysticism.

To transcend intellect is mysticism? Perhaps your definitions are
different than mine. To quote from Pirsig:

“But the Metaphysics of Quality also says that Dynamic Quality--the
value-force that chooses an elegant mathematical solution to a
laborious one, or a brilliant experiment over a confusing,
inconclusive one--is another matter altogether. Dynamic Quality is a
higher moral order than static scientific truth, and it is as immoral for
philosophers of science to try to suppress Dynamic Quality as it is
for church authorities to suppress scientific method.”

Elegance, brilliance, beauty, quality … all higher than intellect but
hardly mystic if by mystic you mean some sort of impractical

Incidentally, I’ll get a head start on the October subject, "What is
DQ?" by pointing to the passage above where Pirsig defines DQ as
the "value-force."


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