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Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 09:14:54 GMT

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    > You said:
    > "The actual making of decisions is for those who are in the unfortunate
    > position of having to have to make decisions. In the plain of understanding
    > one has to decide and that produces irony. I know how important irony is to
    > you as one who makes decisions.
    > So, the useful would appear to be ironic."
    > I think I have to disagree, insofar as I don't think decision-making is
    > necessarily ironic. It can be ironic, but not necessarily. If we contrast
    > irony with common sense, people who make decisions based on common sense
    > are not being ironic about there decisions. When you are ironic, you show
    > doubt about your decision. When you are using common sense, you aren't
    > showing any doubt. When you are an ironist, the useful is ironic because
    > it can always be replaced. The ironist realizes that what is useful now
    > isn't universally useful, but only for this particular time and place.
    > Matt

    Hello Matt,
    I did not feel you were being mean spirited. No probs there!
    Thanks for taking on what i said and i have thought about your points. But if
    we assume existence is prior to essence, then any explanation of what is
    cannot ever, ironically, say much about existence? However, and this is my
    reason for keeping the MoQ around, existence has a beautiful way of
    constantly reassuring us that something excellent is going forth? Just
    holding on to that and working with it can do allot.
    This does not involve making decisions as such but rather developing a feel
    for the work in hand; and in the process becoming one with the work.
    Talking about the MoQ may have the unfortunate result of distancing oneself
    from that which we are talking about, which, after all, is Quality - and
    Quality is postulated as the absolute.


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