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Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 15:26:36 GMT

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    >>To me the quotes said that he didn't believe in calling it Devil,
    >>but he could explain the phenomenon.
    >>If a scientist came and wanted to explain why some people
    >>claimed to see a UFOs and in his explanation of this
    >>phenonenon that people called UFOs he would write "UFOs" ya know. Then you
    >>come and say spooky Mr. Scientist thinks there are UFOs.
    >I never said that Mr. Pirsig thought there were devils in human form.
    >I only said this was a conclusion you could draw from the MOQ. It was
    >a chop-buster, aimed at showing what you could conclude from its
    >premises (interpreted a certain way, it turns out).

    I never said you thought there were devils in human forms.
    You wrote -The Devil is a biological pattern.
    My guess Pirsig would have written is "The Devil" is a biological pattern.
    Thus my joke about the quotation marks going along way.

    >>I didn't explain it because I thought it was
    >>self-explanatory--I am not a "crook" for doing what I did Glenn.
    >>But your act was wrong to me-it's distortion.

     He thinks poorly of the
    >Devil in my interpretation as well, enough to put it in the lowly
    >biological level.

    To my interpretation of Pirsig there is a biological level.
    It is society that thought poorly of "the Devil".
    He is telling society that this "Devil" is the biological
    level. This is what you are saying to me.
    He must think poorly of the biological level because its
    at the biological level.

    Putting "the Devil" in quotes does not
    >necessarily signal that he has reconstructed it. I would give
    >your interpretation more credence if I saw more evidence elsewhere in
    >Pirsig's writing that he thinks insanity is biologically based.

    No I don't think its necessary to go that far.
    I already explained that I don't think insanity is
    just biologically based but that doesn't mean that
    it can share some biological manifestations.
    For example let's say somebody was diagnosed with
    schizophrenia after a very traumatic experience
    vs. having it clearing being genetic.
    Doesn't mean they can't share a lot of similar
    biological symptoms.
    Now I can see society calling both 'possessed by the
    Devil' due to some symptoms displayed.
    It doesn't say anything about the cause/root/etc.

    >By the way, Erin, another use of quotation marks is to quote the exact
    >words someone uses, so quoting the word "crook" could lead people
    >who are not following the thread carefully to think I called you that.
    >Not only did I *not* call you that, but there is no implication of it
    >in my writing - only in your imagination.

    Maybe its more of a lack of your imagination Glenn.
    It was a joke Glenn, referring to the famous Nixon quotation
    marks in "i am not a crook".
    Yes, Glenn I have a personal agenda to slander your name at
    the MOQ.
    Geez whats a matter with ya-possessed by the Devil or something.


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