RE: MD Can Only Humans Respond to DQ?

From: Glenn Bradford (
Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 03:30:23 GMT

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    >I never said you thought there were devils in human forms.

    That's true; though you make it sound like I claimed you did.
    I feel a sudden urge to tell you and everyone else on the
    list that I never said you thought it was prudent to ward
    off demons with a necklace of garlic cloves.

    >You wrote -The Devil is a biological pattern.
    >My guess Pirsig would have written is "The Devil" is a biological pattern.
    >Thus my joke about the quotation marks going along way.

    It was a joke? I didn't realize you were kidding:)

    >To my interpretation of Pirsig there is a biological level.
    >It is society that thought poorly of "the Devil".
    >He is telling society that this "Devil" is the biological
    >level.  This is what you are saying to me.

    It is?

    >He must think poorly of the biological level because its
    >at the biological level.

    Is this your caricature of my interpretation?

    >No I don't think its necessary to go that far.
    >I already explained that I don't think insanity is
    >just biologically based but that doesn't mean that
    >it can share some biological manifestations.

    OK but I'm less interested in what you think about this than
    what Pirsig thinks and means.

    >Maybe its more of a lack of your imagination Glenn.
    >It was a joke Glenn, referring to the famous Nixon quotation
    >marks in "i am not a crook".

    Shoot. I didn't pick up on that. Nixon. Of course.

    >Yes, Glenn I have a personal agenda to slander your name at
    >the MOQ.
    >Geez whats a matter with ya-possessed by the Devil or something.

    OK, I'll use my imagination and take this as an apology...
    and as a compliment too, while I'm at it.

    P.S. I changed my mind about your offer to research the etymology
    of "acausal". Could you go off and do that and give us a complete
    report as soon as possible? Thanks.

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