RE: MD Can Only Humans Respond to DQ?

From: David Buchanan (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 02:28:38 GMT

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    Sam said:
    I would say that it is only when you are conformed to God that
    you meet God in the Eucharist, ie, only when you are open to DQ that DQ can
    flow through you. Which is circular reasoning, but not destructively so I
    think. So in traditional terms, the Body of Christ in the Eucharist can only
    be perceived mystically, ie by the eyes of faith.

    DMB says:
    Conformed to god before you meet god? This is slightly worse than circular.
    Doesn't it really mean 'conformed the church and its rituals UNTIL you meet
    god, without much help from us? Before the paragraph is over we can only
    meet god by mystical perception? To my understanding mystical perception
    includes seeing the Christ in yourself, not in your bread and wine. And are
    the "eyes of faith" really an ie of mystical perception? I usually don't
    mind theological terms, but in this makes little sense. Let's start slowly.
    You're eating the flesh and drinking the blood of god, right? You're
    absorbing the god, taking it inside yourself. Its a sacrificed feast that
    allows the mystical union. Is it not possible to describe the rituals of the
    church in such a way? It seems you're a bit boxed in. Maybe it would help to
    try a non-partisan description of the Anglican sign-posts to DQ. I'd like to
    see that too.

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