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From: Glenn Bradford (
Date: Mon Dec 30 2002 - 13:24:20 GMT

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    >okay since you don't like the "baby/bathwater crank" quote, how about this
    >I. Linear vs. Circular/nonlinear causality
    > Systems theories present a different way of thinking about events.
    >to this thinking is the distinction between linear and circular (or
    >nonlinear causality).
    > In the case of Linear causality:
    > A --> B A is antecedent to or causes B
    > In the case of nonlinear causality:
    > A <--> B A affects B just as B affects A, ( i.e., circular)

    OK. So are you saying that acausality happens when causality is
    expressed as a kind of positively re-inforced feedback loop?

    >don't worry I know the source is very important to
    >determine whether you agree with a quote or not
    >so i will put it in for you

    Note that you insisted on my opinion of the quote, and got it,
    before I knew the source.

    >acausal (sychnronicity) remember?---you have not shown how
    >"unknown causes have no place to run and have to
    >be considered causal"
    >This is a sweeping, hasty, conclusion.

    It would be better if you said why you thought so.

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