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Date: Mon Jan 06 2003 - 16:07:42 GMT

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    Hi Glenn, Steve:

    > "Platt Holden" <> wrote:
    > >Hi Steve:
    > >
    > >> Steve:
    > >> Does he really say that the moq is scientific?  I wince as I ask, but
    > >> could you point me to where he says this?
    > >
    > >In Chapter 13 of Lila, Pirsig writes:
    > >
    > >"But what's not so obvious is that, given a value-centered Metaphysics of
    > >Quality, it is absolutely, scientifically moral for a doctor to prefer the
    > > patient. This is not just an arbitrary social convention that should
    > >apply to some doctors but not to all doctors, or to some cultures but not
    > >all cultures. It's true for all people at all times, now and forever, a
    > >moral pattern of reality as real as H20. We're at last dealing with morals
    > >on the basis of reason." (13)
    > >
    > >If that's not claiming the MOQ is scientific it comes mighty close. Also,
    > >note Pirsig's endorsement of absolute truth, "good for all people at all
    > >times, now and forever."
    > This seems to be a reversal on your part, Platt. Struan and I once made the
    > argument that this was indeed what he meant, but I thought you argued that
    > "scientific" here should be interpreted broadly as having a factual basis,
    > and not as science per se. You also argued that this scientific appellation
    > only applied to the doctor/germ example, not to his moral taxonomy in
    > general. Of course, we still disagreed but treated your interpretation as
    > viable. Glenn
    Wouldn't be the first time I reversed myself. :-) But, I think you can
    make a viable interpretation of Pirsig's meaning either way. I merely
    wanted to direct Steve to the pertinent quote. I'd be interested in his
    take on it as I was of yours and Struan's a long time back.


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