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Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 20:25:01 BST

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    Part II

    Vac> 4. By what signs can we tell more Dynamic person from less Dynamic
    Vac> person?

    Vac> Mark 4-8-04: Values. If a person is dominated by biological patterns of
    Vac> values then sex and food/drugs may be a factor in their lives. A person
    Vac> by social patterns of value may have celebrity status as an issue in
    Vac> lives?

    Don't you make a distinction between moral (ethical) side of the
    difference between these two persons (which patterns dominate which)
    and the difference of DYNAMICNESS ITSELF in them? It seems strange.
    Remember Lila, who was "intellectually nowhere" but VERY Dynamic at
    the same time? Maybe I just didn' understand you Mark?

    Mark 5-8-04: DQ cannot be described in static patterns. No static patterns
    contain DQ. Lila was dominated by biological and social patterns, and her
    intellectual patterns were insignificant. However, static patterns can be
    exceptionally coherent and open to DQ. I think that is what Lila was at - she was on the
    edge of chaos, which can either be a disaster or a mystical coherence.

    Vac> These patterns can fall into chaos and negative quality, which is not
    to be
    Vac> confused with DQ.

    What is ontological status of chaos? How can we tell negative quality
    from DQ? What is the difference?

    Mark 5-8-04: Chaos is the opposite of coherence, and therefore supports the
    ontological status of coherence. Coherence is exceptional harmony, unity, and
    aesthetic beauty in patterned relationships. Incoherence or chaos is patterning
    with poor harmonic and aesthetic unity.
    DQ is that which brings either of these states into being, but there appears
    to be an evolutionary push towards ever more coherent states.

    Vac> In my own search for some answers to these questions i
    Vac> worked on an essay called, 'The edge of chaos' which is available on the
    Vac> essay page. Perhaps you wish to take a look at it Ilya?

    I have read it. It is really valuable text. I'm gonna reread it and
    then maybe ask you some more questions.

    Mark 5-8-04: Thanks Ilya. I received allot of help in it's production. I
    cannot take all the credit for it. If you can use it then you are one of the first
    to do so.

    Vac> Each evolutionary related stage of static quality is in conflict with
    Vac> for domination. This may a root source of many neurotic states
    Vac> wish to understand?

    Yes, I think you are quite right.

    Vac> Dynamic mystical experience is something to be thought about very
    carefully i
    Vac> feel Ilya. This level of experience is above even the intellectual
    level, and
    Vac> must have been dealt with by many psychologists over the years who
    Vac> have answers to their patient's questions. That may be about to change
    with the
    Vac> use of an MOQ perspective?

    Yes, I hope so.

    Thank you for your help, Mark! I really appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    Mark 5-8-04: You are most welcome, and i wish to do all i can to help.
    All the best,

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