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From: David Morey (
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 20:30:17 BST

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    Hi all

    The MOQ postulates that SQ emerges from DQ.
    So for example once upon a time there was no light,
    DQ brought the SQ pattern of a photon into existence.
    SQ implies that given a certain amount of energy the pattern
    of a photon is repeated in many places and at different times.
    The patterns remains the same so that the identity of a photon
    exists, although they can have different wave lengths of enourmous
    range. Now I understand Pirsig as saying that DQ brought forth light/photons
    and decided that it was good (values it as a pattern) and so allowed in to
    be repeated/become a SQ pattern. Now Quality is really One and the emergence
    of SQ from DQ is a sort of One becoming a Many until you get as far
    as the emergence of conscious mankind. Seems to me that being
    human is a mixture of SQ/DQ. Now it seems key to the effectiveness of
    DQ that it makes informed choices based on value, seems to me this is
    what humans try to do, seems to me that humans remember their past choices
    and can therefore make good conscious decisions, seems to me that the
    of nature with respect to the cosmos must involved informed choice/memory.
    But why is it that as a human being we seem to only be able to remember our
    encounters with DQ? Is it possible to recall the entire history of DQ

    David M

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