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Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 05:30:43 BST

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    Dear Ilya,

    Answering your 10 Aug 2004 16:12:04 +0400 question:
    I meant the substitution of 'being open to Dynamic Quality' for
    'experiencing Dynamic pressure' as simply another way of describing the same
    phenomenon that didn't require introduction of a new term ('Dynamic
    pressure'). Another way would be to simply substitute 'Quality' for
    'If a person experiences little DYNAMIC QUALITY, he is dominated completely
    by static patterns. ... If a person experiences great DYNAMIC QUALITY, there
    are two possibilities. If this person's static pattern levels are very
    coherent, his life is a mystic experience of a great intensity. ... If this
    person's static pattern levels are NOT coherent at all, it's hard to envy
    him. His life is a complete nighmare.'

    I realize now that 'openness to' indeed suggests an explanation for
    'experiencing', but I didn't mean to suggest that.

    You want to 'build a new scientific psycology based on MOQ assumptions' but
    not 'slave to the MOQ'. You want 'both [to] take root from one common
    I would say that such an alternative psychology should take root in a MoQ
    (possibly a slightly adapted version, because applying to new terrain may
    make clear some needs for change), but not be fully determined by MoQ
    assumptions: a new scientific discipline adds assumptions of its own.

    I tried to do something of the kind for economics. See (link also on ). You will see that my alternative interpretation of economics
    very much rests on an alternative understanding of psychology (different
    from the one that founds the now dominant economic paradigm). So I'm
    certainly interested in your project.

    With friendly greetings,


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