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From: David Buchanan (
Date: Sun Sep 05 2004 - 21:26:57 BST

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    Mel and all MOQers:

    dmb had said:
    As I understand it, leftists used the phrase to mock themselves and each
    other and then it was picked up and blown out of all proportion by their
    critics on the right, who liked to construe political correctness as the new

    mel replied:
    Ah there's nothing like the rhetoric of two groups of Liberals in an
    argument, the Classical Liberals in the White House and the Progressive
    Liberals on the outside.

    dmb says:
    The "rhetoric of two groups of Liberals"? Hmmm. I get the distinct
    impression that you're trying to minimize the importance of the issue and
    undermine the distinction between the two sides in the debate. Why would you
    want to do that? As I understand it, the two sides involved are more
    properly described as multiculturalists and the bigots who oppose them AND
    that the struggle against prejudice, wherever is rears its ugly head, is no
    small thing. When the PC wars are seen in that light, your attempts to
    trivialize the conflict are, to put it politely, unhelpful.

    I'm guessing you're not American because there has been no shortage of angry
    shouting and screaming. The phrase "politically correct" has been uttered
    with contempt a hundred thousand times as a preface to the expression of
    some bigoted thought or attitude on talk radio, for example. And so I think
    its wildly inaccurate to refer to these hateful people as classical
    liberals. In contemporary American english, they are anti-liberal, they mock
    liberalism and its concerns, as you seem to be doing with your dismissive

    Is that what this is really about? Are you a conservative who is bugged by
    the idea that PC bashers are worse than PC itself? If not, what's your

    Take it back,
    unmake this bed.
    So I won't think,
    you're a ditto-head. :-)


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