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Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 18:22:38 GMT

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    On 30 October DM writes to Mel:

    [DM] Not keen on the word faith really. But we have to accept all sorts of
    experiences reported to us by others. We draw a line somewhere between trust
    and the too fantastic, based on examples of where the fantastic prove true
    (yes the world is round) and where the truth proves to be crazy (so there is
    no ether).

    Hi David, Mel, and all,

    I do not know how to apologize for inserting my two cents on 'faith' into
    your discussion with Mel, but I find what you have said interesting. Faith
    is expressed in dogma. Mystical experience can only be expressed in
    faith-dogma. MOQ as a mystical experience is expressed as a dogma, e.g., DQ
    creates SQ.

    Trust in mystical experience enables me to come to an agreement with you on
    matters of disagreement which we trust we have in common, but see as
    different experiences. We compare our dogma and agree.

    Trust in too fantastic dogma, e.g. Galileo's assertion that the earth goes
    around the sun, may take years to develop. Trust in too fantastic dogma
    e.g. Christ resurrected his body from death to life is a contradiction which
    can never be reconciled. Faith!

    And then the dogma that evolution has created levels: 3+1 =4.


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