Re: MD Where does quality reside?

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Mon Nov 01 2004 - 21:22:58 GMT

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    > msh says:
    > Since I don't deny that there is plenty of perceiving and preferring, only
    > that Quality itself doesn't perceive or prefer, I don't need to respond to
    > the rest of your post.

    Since DQ is a fundamental property of Quality and since DQ "perceives"
    good (freedom) and evil (static quality), it follows that Quality

    > platt said:
    > Exactly. If Pirsig had meant the terms in question to be poetic he
    > would have written a poem. Everyday prose, which Pirsig is thankfully
    > partial to, constantly uses metaphorical expressions to promote
    > understanding.

    > msh says:
    > Metaphor is poetry. If your understanding of poetry is that it is
    > "writing just for emotional effect", and that it must be broken up
    > into short lines that rhyme, then your understanding of poetry is
    > next to non-existent.

    My understanding of poetry exists in the Merriam-Webster Online

    2 : writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of
    experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional
    response through meaning, sound, and rhythm

    And who said anything about short lines that rhyme? Why do you make up
    such stuff?

    msh says:
    > As for the Lila passage you offer, thanks. I agree completely with
    > the ideas presented there. Notice he nowhere says that Quality
    > itself PREFERS or CHOOSES. Instead, he suggests that we sacks of SQ
    > value patterns make choices in RESPONSE to quality.

    But he does say Quality is a "creative force" which implies that it
    prefers and chooses.

    Metaphorically speaking, Quality isn't a volcano that periodically spews
    out worthless heaps of hot rock. Rather it's the ground of being from
    which spring such valuable things like -- oh say just for instance --


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