Fw: MD Moral values in the election and in the Bible

From: Sam Norton (elizaphanian@kohath.wanadoo.co.uk)
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 12:06:55 GMT

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    > Hi Steve,
    > > It has often been said that the US has a Judeo-Christian value system
    > > based on the Bible. I'm interested in exploring whether the
    > > conservative or liberal agenda actually has more Biblical support.
    > >
    > > Your thoughts would be appreciated, especially those supported by
    > > Biblical quotes.
    > A brief comeback on this. To my mind the overwhelming teaching of Judeo-Christian morality derives
    > from the prophetic strand of teaching, which centres on two things (I'm summarising, but hopefully
    > not in a distorting way):
    > 1. the right worship of God, 2. the right relation between members of society. That last is taken
    > in the form of a great condemnation of 'social exclusion', ie when people are deprived of the
    > ability to participate in a society. I can give you various quotes to back this up if you like,
    > I'd be pretty confident that if you opened up a Bible at random, there would be something relating
    > to this theme.
    > It seems to me that any political platform that claims to be Christian has to give a prominent
    > to that 'theme' from the Bible, and a platform which doesn't do so has no claim to the
    > However, that doesn't, for me, resolve the left/right issue. Once you accept that social exclusion
    > must be overcome, you then get the more technical discussion about how best to overcome it, and
    > then get the political arguments between left and right about the relative merits of the present
    > dispensation. I think both state socialism and the unrestrained free market fail to ensure that
    > there is no social exclusion, but the present system, whilst better than both of those, is still
    > clearly in need of improvement.
    > Regards
    > Sam

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