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    Hello Jon,
    Well stated. From the MoQ perspective,
    there are many examples in many places
    of lower levels preying on higher levels.
    People is people and the same mixes
    of DQ and SQ confuse them equally,
    especially before Pirsig's formulation.
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    Let's make it simple: Suppose there were only two million Indians in
    North America in 1800. Let's say by 1900 there were 250,000, as a
    million had chosen to "kill themselves" by assimilating, and 750,000
    had been murdered because they chose not to assimilate and the
    conquering power really, really wanted their land.
    Let's get a fresh perspective. Slaughter of Indians after 1800 is just
    so "over done" you know? I mean, it's like people think Indians lived in
    a virtual Utopia before the Spaniards arrived. This holier-than-thou
    sleight of hand is getting quite OUT of hand.
    It's wrong to lump all the "Indians" together as if they were one
    undivided race. To do so totally ignores what made each group unique,
    and destroys any insight to be garnered from such distinctions.
    While some tribes were undoubtedly very peaceful, others were
    undoubtedly bloodthirsty killers of men, women, and children. To
    characterize (as some many historians do) killer Indians as somehow
    "less evil" than killer Europeans, is on par with the vilification of
    the Sophists which so horrified Pirsig in the concluding chapters of
    And to suggest that Indians didn't wipe out entire cultures is wrong
    too. Entire tribes were wiped out--old customs left like bones to turn
    to dust and be blown away by the indifferent wind of history--long, long
    before the white man began to push inexorably West.

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