Re: MD MOQ: Involved or on the Sideline?

From: ian glendinning (
Date: Wed Aug 10 2005 - 02:24:26 BST

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    Platt, MSH sometimes I think you're (almost) as bad as each other :-)

    Platt, you murder to dissect.

    Obviously MSH piece was rhetoric aimed at you, as was mine, and
    Horse's, and Paul's, no brownie pioints for the minute analysis. You
    keep missing the point though. You (we all) are that bundle of
    prejudices (socio-intellectual patterns) we acquire by the age of
    35(?). Nothing is aimed at you biologically, but at your prejudices.

    "do-gooders" I've already responded to, and I kinda agree with you
    Platt, although your pejorative rhetoric offends others of greater
    sensibility than I. I agree with the point, NOT with what you said.

    Misplaced good intentions are bad news. That kind of do-gooding I can
    do without.

    You kind of do gooding in fact - like wiping out a whole human set of
    bio-socio-intellectual patterns, because you feel socially and
    justified in destroying a biological pattern. I'm all for being
    "decisive" when appropriate, but as Horse and I have both now said -
    your total lack of subtlety is shameful.

    So shameful, that I'd really like the world to know which side of that
    MoQ line-in-the-sand such views stand. And that was/is my point.


    On 8/10/05, Platt Holden <> wrote:
    > > msh:
    > > There's not much to get, really. Far from expressing the ideas of a
    > > unique individual, the political blitherings of the Faux Philosopher
    > (ad hominem attack)
    > > are repeated ad nauseum, in near unison, by countless millions of
    > > privileged white people in the USA.
    > (blatant bigotry)
    > > Just listen to TFP's primary
    > > sources of information, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.
    > (no evidence)
    > > There's high
    > > irony in TFP's continuous appeal for recognition of the individual
    > > "genius," standing alone in his tireless battle to set the world
    > > aright.
    > (no evidence)
    > > Please review the "Moral Society" threads to see how such "original
    > > thinkers" engage in philosophical discussion. What's sad is that his
    > > brainless repetition
    > (ad hominem attack)
    > > of debunked ideas
    > (no evidence)
    > > keeps pouring forth, turning this
    > > list into just another portal for ill-informed
    > (ad hominem attack)
    > > right-wing invective.
    > (no evidence)
    > > I
    > > wonder how many lurkers, having read Pirsig, have come and gone without a
    > > word when they see such a perversion of RMP's philosophy.
    > (no evidence)
    > > What a shame.
    > Indeed, since the above illustrates the rhetorical style of msh for all to
    > see.
    > Here's what Mr. Pirsig had to say about ad hominem attacks:
    > "To say that a comment is 'stupid' is to imply that the person who makes
    > it is stupid. This is the 'ad hominem' argument: meaning, 'to the
    > person.' Logically it is irrelevant. If Joe says the sun is shining and
    > you argue that Joe is insane, or Joe is a Nazi or Joe is stupid, what does
    > this tell us about the condition of the sun?
    > "That the ad hominem argument is irrelevant is usually all the logic texts
    > say about it, but the MOQ allows one to go deeper and make what may be an
    > original contribution. It says the ad hominem argument is A FORM OF EVIL.
    > The MOQ divides the hominem, or 'individual' into four parts: inorganic,
    > biological, social and intellectual. Once this analysis is made, the ad
    > hominem argument can be defined more clearly: It is an attempt destroy the
    > intellectual patterns of an individual by attacking his social status.
    > In other words, a lower form of evolution is being used to destroy a
    > higher form." THAT IS EVIL. (LC, 140-caps added).
    > Platt
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