Re: MD MOQ: Involved or on the Sideline?

From: Platt Holden (
Date: Thu Aug 11 2005 - 13:05:37 BST

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    Hi Horse,

    > So is Pirsig a na´ve humanitarian or reformer cos according to what you say
    > this must be the case. How about a new definition of do-gooder, one that
    > isn't pejorative, which goes along the lines of someone who can see the
    > difference between right and wrong and makes an honest attempt to do the
    > right thing.

    Fine with me. Now convince Merriam-Webster.

    > > From Pirsig: "God, I don't want to have any more enthusiasm for big
    > > programs full of social planning for big masses of people that leave
    > > individual Quality out."
    > So don't leave individual Quality out. Think globally, act locally. Do some
    > good today!

    How do you know what's good for your neighbor? I hope you don't believe
    that everything you think is good is necessarily good for everybody.

    > Examples of good being done:
    > Ending of slavery
    > Universal suffrage
    > Destruction of aparteid
    > the National health service
    > minimum wage
    > etc. etc. etc.

    I agree with the first three. They represent freedom from government's
    boot. But not the last two. They represent government's intrusion into the
    private sector. See what I mean by thinking you know what's good for your

    > > I'im sure your familiar with law of unintended consequences. An excellent
    > > description of the law can be found at:
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > Very interesting. It should be re-titled the conservatives charter. Don't
    > screw with the status quo. In other words don't be dynamic cos it'll bite
    > you on the ass. God help us! What a way to live.

    What a way to live, thinking you know what's best for everybody else. And
    "dynamic" doesn't ipso facto mean "good." Terrorists are dynamic.
    > > The twisted logic comes into play in believing you know what's best for
    > > other people and forcing them to conform to your ideology. The
    > > Inquisition was based on doing good by saving souls from eternal
    > > damnation.
    > No it wasn't. It was based on the church's desire to make everyone do what
    > it wanted through the use of torture and murder so it could maintain and
    > increase it's power. Come on Platt, now who's being na´ve?

    See what I mean by your neighbor? You think your truth is the only truth.
    Other interpretations are not allowed. Such is the mindset of the left.
    At least Blair can change his mind about the left's worship of multi-
    culturism. As they say, a conservative is a liberal who's been mugged. :-)


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