Re: MD Christiantiy vs. Philosophy

From: Sam Norton (
Date: Thu Aug 25 2005 - 09:35:20 BST

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    Marsha -

    >Christianity started as a <cult> of superstitions.

    False. (Anachronistic if nothing else)

    > It gained political power,

    After 350 years of enduring persecutions, torture and executions, which it
    endured with non-violence.

    > wiped out its opposition and became a powerful <religion>, and proclaimed
    > itself to be the only true philosophy for many hundreds of years.

    True. So the question is: when Christianity as a state religion was
    horrible, did the problem come from the 'religious' bit, or the 'state' bit?
    To my mind, 350 years of peaceful evolution is a pretty clear indication of
    where the answer lies.

    > The word 'philosophy' originally meant the 'love of wisdom'.

    Still does.

    > Now that the word is being reclaimed,

    !!!!!! "Only now, with the advent of RMP, greatest thinker of the new

    > Christianity wants to denigrate its opposition with the word 'cult'.
    > Baloney!!!!

    I'm sure we can come to an agreement on what a 'cult' is - and then we can
    put both sides to the test.


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