Re: MD How do conservative values support DQ and the evolution of SQ?

From: Matt poot (
Date: Mon Sep 05 2005 - 18:22:04 BST

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    Hello Platt,

    THe chaos theory basically states that any random individual occurence can
    have infinite effects.

      I.E. A warm breeze blows a bee near a hiker, who gets stung, trips, falls,
    and dies, and the search teams dont find the body which causes his wife to
    commit suicide, which is a turning point in her childs life where they
    decide to study intensively, and one day in a lab experiment at university
    forgets to turn the gas off, and causes a huge explosion at a university
    campus, which is never rebuilt , giving one of the professors time to think
    over an idea they've had, and working up a hunger for chinese food which he
    orders, but is never delivered because the driver hears his lottery ticket
    called on the radio on the way over, and gives the food to a young homeless
    person, who is so startled by the random gift, that it changes her view on
    life, and over the years, works her way back into society to become the
    leader of a political party that unexpectedly wins elections , and brings
    the party many successive successful elections that reform the policies of
    the entire country, altering the carbon-dioxide output of the populace,
    which alter the weather patterns ever so slightly, but are the direct cause
    of the worst typhoon in human history, killing hundreds of millions, which
    forces the entire world to reform, and unite to rebuild and recooperate
    (sp?) losses, and are the beginning of the end (for the large scale) wars
    that have plagued mankind since civilization started.


    I got carried away a bit, and I know its a "run-on" sentence. sorry! but I
    guess that could be an example of the chaos theory, if im not mistaken?

    But anywho, that leads me to wonder how the chaose theory and theories of
    value selection (MoQ) would work together?


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