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Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 00:30:00 BST

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    DMB said:
    I get around your objection by pointing out that the neurological
    description is logically impossible, given the definition of the
    pre-intellectual experience. I'm not insisting on a particular description.

    Well, except for the description of "pre-intellectual experience," you mean.

    DMB said:
    I think you keep trying to get me (and Pirsig) to take sides in the
    historical conversations that you(and Rorty) are most interested in. I
    think you want to read all these issues as if I (and Pirsig) were
    philosoph-awful-falafel-ologists like yourself. Not so. Pirsig traces
    philosophical history back to it very beginings and asserts that Quality was
    lost long ago....

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. After that ellipsis you start in on some
    "philosophology," and clearly you don't want to do that, so I'm not sure
    what its point was.

    But at any rate, I've tried on several occasions to give a good picture of
    why the distinction between philosophy and philosophology is a poor one, and
    why it tends to obscure the fact that when people like myself (and Rorty and
    Pirsig) talk about the "conversation of mankind" or our "analogues upon
    analogues upon analogues" we're not disrespecting excellence or creativity
    or the living of life. We're just focusing our attention on one small part
    of it. Focus isn't bad in and of itself, as everyone knows. But I've tried
    talking about that before.

    So, thanks for your time DMB, the conversation was interesting.


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