RE: MD Chaos and its role in Evolution

From: mark maxwell (
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 17:48:07 BST

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    Hi Ian and anyone interested,
    Here is something to think about and if you have any
    thoughts, please let me know:

    Let the migratory goal of sq evolution = [DQ]
    Let any given temporal slice of the DESRIP = sqx

    Contemplate the following cybernetic progression:

    sq1 - DQ - sq2 - DQ - sq3 - DQ - sq...n - [DQ]

    It can be seen that sq3 is closer to [DQ] than sq1.
    The question may be asked, 'In what sense is sq3 more
    Dynamic than sq1'?

    Another thought regarding maintenance:

    Now, let sq1 be an untuned motorcycle.
    Let sqn be a tuned motorcycle.
    Let all sqx in between be the cybernetic loop of a
    mechanic at work.

    How does [DQ] in the evolution sense equate to DQ in


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