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Date: Tue Nov 01 2005 - 07:53:05 GMT

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    As I'd said in a previous post before I watched the movie, I had a theory about Nihilism and Existentialism. Having not done any reading in these two areas, and after many recommendations from people
    on this site, to test it I decided to just watch the movie and see if the theory fit it. It fit. Nihilists and Existentialists are just two sides of the same cultural relativist coin. In these days
    of relativism, if, by circumstance, you have a positive outlook, well then your an Existentialist, if by circumstance you have a negative outlook, well then your a Nihilist. And so that pretty much
    summed up 95% of the movie, with philosophical ideas, ideas both good and bad thrown around, at times extremely chaotically, all the while half accepted/half not accepted. As it goes that's what
    happens when there is no real standard by which to judge anything; 'everythings relative right?'.

    The movies conclusion also ran along these lines but wasn't existential or nihilist, it was SOM pragmatic. Albert, the movies main character concludes "interconnectedness", "grows from the manure of
    human trouble", "no manure, no magic". This is a clear indication that he's rejected both pesimistic and optimistic outlooks for something a little more pragmatic, however the MOQ says that
    'interconnectedness'(a synonym for static quality) goes before 'human trouble' in the metaphysical relation of things, not the other way around. Without a term with which to base these claims though,
    a term which is both indivisible and infinitely divisible then "human" will continue to be mistakenly placed before "interconnectedness", as this static quality is mistaken for a subjective thought.


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