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Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 22:33:11 GMT

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    Hi Rick,

    I've looked at chapter nine again, and I can remember now why this chapter
    turned me off when i first read it.

    The first thing I noticed is that Pirsig has no problem identifying 'white'
    with better. The Zuni had static values, but that great 'white' culture the
    Brujo came in contact with, well, those weren't static values also, those
    were dynamic values - pure betterness! Hooray for us, we are truly better
    and shouldn't be afraid to say so, right?

    The brujo was one of the first Zunis to come in contact with europeans, and
    perhaps seeing the patterns of that culture made him unsatisfied with
    aspects of his own. He was on the outs as a drunkard, even before he was
    hung by his thumbs for the peeping tom incident. And I can understand why,
    after the whites put the zuni leaders in jail, they gave up, broken. That
    Pirsig is so sure that he made the Zunis better somehow by calling in our
    calvary and playing up to our anthropolgist's values just sort of makes me
    sick. Isn't it clear that there was no "Dynamic Quality" that he
    discovered, there was simply a clash of two cultures (really between the
    infinite number of static patterns that they comprised between them) and the
    brujo just cried to the one that got him out of trouble? Dispicable
    behavior. He killed the tribe as a living tribe, the powers of the priests
    were broken, and all the tribe was after that was an empty shell of songs
    and stories, now all just recounted as myths for our amusement. But we like
    his voice and think he's cute, and he adopts our values, so we say he is
    more dynamic and better.

    I have more to say regarding your post, but I just wanted to get that in



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