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Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 22:35:35 BST

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    As for philosophologists like Will Durant, Mortimer Adler, Reuben Abel and
    others, they're not all bad. In fact, some do us a real
    > favor by saving us time and trouble in trying to decipher what the old
    > boys meant. Of course, not all philosophologists are good either.

    I stand corrected and agree with you on that. As for "bad"
    philosophologists I had in mind those that seem to write only to develop an
    exclusive jargon, or to fulfill tenure requirements for publication.
    > > Third, (I did mention Pirsig) I would contend that the dynamic is the
    > > (metaphorical) realm where absolute morals reside, before they are
    > > assimilated into static social patterns or argued over by intellectual
    > > ones.
    > Nice idea. That's an "absolute" I hadn't thought of before. But now that
    > you mention it, it makes a lot of sense. IMO this is the sort of
    > "expansion" of the MoQ that Pirsig encourages.
    Speaking of jargon, would you please de-acronym IMO?


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