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Date: Sat May 03 2003 - 19:21:38 BST

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    [Paul:}> But in experiencing figuration's contingency, is
    > figuration necessarily permanently changed?

    I would say that the person is changed, not, or not necessarily the

    [Paul previously]> > > My general feeling right now is that it is a
    > > gradual
    > > > thing and that, using Barfield terms, maybe the
    > > MoQ
    > > > needs to start as beta-thinking and slowly move
    > > across
    > > > into alpha-thinking and begin to seep into
    > > figuration
    > > > completely over the next few hundred years.
    > >
    [Scott previously]> > Socially, yes. Individually, one can hope for faster
    > > results.
    [Paul:]> Mysticism?

    Selected mysticism, the criterion for selection being whether the mystical
    pursuit incorporates the intellectual level or not. I see those who don't as
    yearning for original participation rather than final participation (or,
    same thing, the former are falling into Wilber's pre/trans fallacy).

    [Scott prev:]> > The real
    > > question in my mind is how soon Western
    > > institutional religions will catch
    > > on to this. It is, in my opinion, their only viable
    > > option to modern, and
    > > postmodern, secularism.
    [Paul:]> Is it only religion that needs to catch on?

    One of the fallacies of modernism, in my mind, is to think that one can
    separate religion from the rest of one's life. So, yes, it is only religion
    that needs to catch on. However, postmodern religion will be a very
    different thing, but that is for another day.

    - Scott

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