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Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 19:19:58 BST

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     - to a large extent I agree that this mythology is in the process of being
    rejected; that's
    > what I understand 'post-modernism' to be. What I am interested in is not
    getting rid of the baby
    > with the bathwater (which is what I think that mythology did to religion).
    There are some profoundly
    > important things about science that we need to hang on to - within a
    larger context.
    Exactly. This paper I've mentioned is a discussion of the way postmodernism
    has rejected rationality and philosophy. I see the MoQ and elements of ZAMM
    as a way to preserve the strengths of western philosophy while allowing the
    insights of postmodernism to correct some of the problems. Amazingly, some
    of the more problematic parts of postmodernism get "corrected", too.
    > I accept your point about citations, by the way, but I treat the MD forum
    as akin to conversation
    > (the essays are a little different) and I'd rather know what somebody
    believes for themselves (and
    > why) that wade through lots of extracts (like the ones I provided from
    Grace Jantzen... yikes -
    > hoist by my own petard?)
    > Where did (do) you do your philosophy in the real world?
    I do philosophy and English at Purdue University Calumet, just outside


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