Re: MD Awareness and intuition.

From: Joe (
Date: Tue May 06 2003 - 18:24:41 BST

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    On 05 May 2003 at 1:16 AM Sam writes:

    Hi Joe,

     This was really interesting. At the moment I don't have a direct comment; I
    just want to mull on it
    for a while. If I could try to summarise it, would it be fair to say the
    following: that all of
    reality is quality, but whether it is sq or dq depends entirely upon our


    Hi Sam,

    joe: Thanks for your interest! I find it difficult to summarize the taste
    of a 'stew'. The words you have chosen are fruitful. To say that all of
    reality is quality turns around into all of quality is reality. I would
    introduce a distinction based on moral orders, so I have a sense of the
    distinction between reality and being. One man's meat is another man's

    "entirely...perception" Again you use a fruitful word 'perception!' It is
    hard to capture the meaning of perception. I add de, in re, ad, con, ex, to
    the root and each time a little more meaning appears. 'Perceive' and
    'conceive' introduce 'mind' into an already difficult mixture. As long as
    going to the bathroom is not eliminated by 'perception' and it is meaningful
    to you, why not? I prefer intuition or instinctive sense of feality for a
    summary of the difference between dq and sq in a pattern, but there is no
    accounting for my taste.


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