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Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 20:52:12 BST

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    On 04 May 2003 11:37 AM Platt writes:

    Can anyone tell and define the difference (s) between the following?
    "I" or Self
    The Tao

    I think they're all different words pointing to the same indefinable
    phenomenon. But, I could be wrong.

    Hi Platt and All,

    joe: from previous posts I think I have expressed an aversion to "different
    words pointing to the same indefinable phenomenon." For that reason I will
    try to define the terms you list from an intuitive, instinctive sense of
    reality for the the purpose of conversation.

    Reality=patterns in moral orders.

    Now=focused awareness.

    Existence=a dq aspect of a sq pattern (indefinable). Existence can be
    further divided into Faith and trust.

    Awareness=a field generated by an individuaal's DNA.

    "I" or Self=same as 'awareness'.

    Apprehension=a term from SOM theory of knowledge indicating the movement of
    mind before abstraction.

    Experience=memory of change of awareness or a moment of awareness (see above

    Quality=dq aspect of a sq pattern (indefinable) and a sq pattern

    Consciousness=eddies in 'awareness field'. When eddies in awareness become
    permanent patterns, 'consciousness' becomes 'soul.'

    Belief=an aspect of 'existence' (indefinable), divided into Faith or trust.
    Belief can replace the dq aspect of 'purpose' or 'quality' (indefinable).
    Theology deals with patterns of belief.

    Aspect=a vibration in a particular brain


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