MD Preference and reality.

Date: Sun May 11 2003 - 13:43:07 BST

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    I think that Pirsig probably evades a subjective/objective distinction, but I
    don't think he evades an appearance/reality distinction.

    This will be the last interaction between me and Matt.
    I've no time for wasting on this. I've got better things to do.
    It is clear from every post Matt sends to the forum that he is very far from
    the bullseye.
    That has to change, for his sake, and in his own time. It saddens me that
    along the way he is going to damage the potential of many others.

    To those others i would say, keep going. Once you, 'Get it' or 'get onto it'
    things begin to tumble with increasing value. Art. Get as much of it as you
    can. Look through it to the divine nature that inspired it, and don't value
    the art for its own sake. You may find your preferences changing, for your
    preferences are real, and they can be better.

    Get looking!
    squonk. :)

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